Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

What is a SIPP?

A Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is a tax efficient personal pension scheme, which allows individuals to invest their pension savings in a wide choice of different assets, ranging from commercial property to stocks and shares to bonds or cash.

The key benefit of a SIPP is that the individual or their adviser can control how the pension savings are invested. A SIPP can help the individual to use their pension savings for personal ambitions both in advance of and throughout retirement.

Who is it for?

Self Invested Personal Pensions are aimed at individuals who require a wide choice of investment freedom alongside the flexibility to both accumulate and drawdown their benefits from one pension.

Simple SIPP

The Astute Simple SIPP offers a wide choice of investments held online giving you and your adviser unlimited access to Unit Trusts, Open Ended Investment Companies, Investment Trusts and quoted stocks and shares. This is our entry level SIPP which is competitively priced. For no extra cost you can convert the Astute Simple Sipp to a Complex SIPP after 12 months.

Complex SIPP

The Astute Complex SIPP is ideal for those people who wish to take advantage of more complex investments in addition to those available through the Astute Simple SIPP, such as –

  • Direct property purchase, including commercial property, agricultural land, hotels, nursing homes & public houses, both in the UK and overseas.
  • Non Standard Assets such as Intellectual property, unquoted shares and UCIS funds are also permitted. But because of the high risk with this type of investment Astute will only permit these to be held subject to the following conditions being met:
    • The Investment is recommended for you by your Financial Adviser
    • No more than 45% by value of your pension is invested in total within this type of investment
    • You have been certified a Sophisticated or High Net Worth Investor

Astute Group SIPP

For groups who are looking to pool their pension investments for a collective purpose. This could include families who are looking for a coordinated approach to their family wealth, for partnership businesses who might wish to purchase a commercial property or some other common investment.

All investments permitted within the Astute Simple and Astute Complex SIPP are permitted within the Astute Group SIPP.

Astute Corporate SIPP

This pension allows for gearing of your investment portfolio to give it a boost in performance by utilizing offset lending which is sometimes offered by Private Banks. An example for instance might be that you hold a portfolio of listed shares with a value of £500,000 a private bank might offer a £300,000 loan facility secured against this for an interest rate of between 2% and 3% above either the bank base rate or Libor. You may wish to invest this in another asset which you consider will offer a return of between 8% and 10%. If this is achieved you will have increased your rate of return by a further £15,000 to £24,000 per annum.

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